Italian Menu  Daily from 10am - 1am

Italian Pizza

• Corso Como Pizza

Pomodoro - mozzarella - prosciutto - parmesan flakes - fresh rocket.

• Pesto Pizza

Pesto Sauce - fresh buffalo mozzarella - baby tomatoes.

• Margarita Classico

Pomodoro - mozzarella

• DIavola Pizza

Pomodoro - mozzarella - ham - pepperoni - peppers - baby tomatoes - muschrooms.

• Villagio Pizza

Pomodoro - mozzarella - feta mousse ouzo flavored - peppers - olives - onions.

• Bresaola Gorgonzola Pizza

Pomodoro - mozzarella - bresaola - gorgonzola cheese.

• Spicy Pizza

Pomodoro - mozzarella - pepperoni.

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• Brera Salad

Green lettuce bouquet with chicken fillets, carrot, corn, bacon powder,

vinaigrette coriander and parmesan flakes.

• San Siro Quinoa Salad

Super Food Quinoa Salad with pomegranate, onion,parsley, capers, pickles with vinaigrette lime.

• Salmon Salad

Green salad with smoked salmon, dill, avocado almond fillet and flavored orange sauce.

• Duomo Salad

Mix of fresh vegetables with crispy prosciutto, caramelized carrots, with rosemary aroma and parmesan flakes.


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• Salmon Tortilla

Smoked salmon, fresh anise, yogurt sauce flavored with lime

• Chicken Tortilla

Chicken fillet mousse, tomatoe, green and red lolla.

• Tuna Tortilla

Tuna mousse, cucumber tagliatelle and iceberg.

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• Mozzarella - Prosciutto Bruschetta

Fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, baby tomatoes, pesto sauce.

• Bresaola - Ricotta Bruschetta

Bresaola, Ricotta cheese ,creme balsamique perles.

• Salmon Bruschetta

Smoked Salmon, cucumber tagliatelle with yogurt sauce flavored with lime.

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